All Natural

Yama Mama's uses only the finest ingredients in all product recipes. All natural vinegar, oils, and Yama Mama's spices are what make these perfectly crafted sauces special. Some are bold while others are sweet, but they are all made from the heart with ingredients you would find in a healthy kitchen. A Mama's kitchen.

Hand Crafted

When you ask your Mama for a special recipe, it's always hard for her to describe. A pinch of this, dash of that, there is no exact measurement to follow because it was hand crafted to your Mama's taste. Yama Mama's Sauces resulted from years of Yama Mama working in her restaurant; tasting and testing, pinching and dashing until perfection was created. Yama Mama perfection.


Each Yama Mama's Sauce was designed for a signature dish in an award winning restaurant. But, once the sauces were born, Yama Mama found hundreds of easy ways to use them to spice up the simplest of meals. Stir fry sauces were found to be perfectly suited on cold salads. Cream Sauces can add the perfect kick to many desserts. Embrace your Yama Mama creativity.