• Yama Mama’s Lemon Cream Sauce Sparks Creativity in the Kitchen


    Monique Visnaw is a regular customer at Yama Zakura, the flagship restaurant where Yama Mama, Anna Bouphavichith, created her signature sauces. One day, Monique picked up a bottle of Yama Mama’s Lemon Cream Sauce after a tasty meal at the restaurant and inspiration and creativity ensued in her own kitchen. Here is what she discovered.

    “I think I am addicted to this stuff,” Monique said to Chanthaly Pirdy who helps run the Yama Zakura dining room with her sister, Anna. Monique created two beautiful Lemon Cream dishes using organic ingredients that featured Salmon and Polenta.


    mv-6“My personal all organic creation and flare,” she called her first dish that included polenta, avocado, mozzarella cheese, basil, crispy bacon, home grown parsley, tomatoes, and nasturtium flowers. She shaped the polenta into bruschetta like pieces, sprinkled on the fresh toppings and drizzled the entire plate with Yama Mama’s Lemon Cream Sauce. “When I saw the pictures, I thought wow that looks gorgeous and delicious,” said Chanthaly.  So, we decided to share the inspiration with fellow Yama Mama’s Sauce lovers!

    For her second dish, Monique grilled some wild salmon and topped it with the sweet Lemon Cream Sauce that has a hint of fresh citrus flavor and pairs perfectly with seafood. She completed the plate with colorful grape tomatoes, fresh greens, and sesame seeds. “I can’t wait to see them posted,” said Monique about her dishes. We agree, and thank you for the inspiration!

    Share Your Creations

    Do you find yourself drizzling Yama Mama’s Signature Lemon Cream, Specialty, and Pad Thai sauces on nearly everything you make? Great! That is why the Yama Mama created these simple and delightful sauces – to make your life easier without skipping out on flavor. “Cooking with these sauces is so simple because you don’t need any other flavorings or spices, just fresh foods,” said Anna.

    We want to hear more about your Yama Mama creations.

    Post your pictures and mouthwatering descriptions on the Yama Mama Facebook Page with #yamamamasauces. Together, we can spread the word about how Yama Mama Sauces are inspiring mamas everywhere to keep it tasty and healthy in their own kitchens with Yama Mama Sauces.