Anna Bouphavichith

Yama’s Mama is Anna Bouphavichith. An educated engineer and patented inventor, Anna discovered her love of cooking through creativity and experimentation to develop traditional and fusion style meals for her friends and family.

Anna developed this collection of Thai and Japanese inspired sauces at her award winning Boston suburb restaurant, Yama Zakura.

The story of Anna, the Yama Mama, is a classic tale of the American Dream. A story of perseverance and determination to overcome hardship and loss in a new country – where the possibilities are endless.

Anna lived the life of a princess right under the nose of the Laotian communist government until the night her father selected her to flee with him to escape persecution and certain death. Anna left her homeland at the young age of eight, and spent the next three years in refugee and holding camps waiting to reconnect with her mother and four siblings before leaving everything behind and immigrating to the United States.

In her new county, Anna was amazed by and embraced the endless opportunities available to her as a young woman. She focused on her education and earned an engineering degree. She went on to become the first Laotian woman to patent an invention. She earned the respect of her peers and received many accolades in the field of research and development.

But, her true passion was cooking.

In a bold move, Anna, a self-trained chef, left the field of engineering and invested in Yama Zakura. With the help of her family, Anna has elevated Yama to become an award winning establishment that welcomes clients from around the world.

At Yama, Anna’s creativity exploded. She embraced her position as executive chef and, as she established herself in the Boston foodie seen, she became a mother! The birth of her son, Jaxson, brought new meaning to Anna’s life, and the worlds of mother and chef culminated perfectly in her beloved role as the “Yama Mama.”

Love for her son and clients inspired her to create these specially designed Yama Mama’s Sauces for all to enjoy. Each recipe is all natural and perfectly crafted to enhance the senses and excite the chef in all of us. “From Yama Mama’s kitchen to yours, please enjoy these exotic sauces to explore and expand your own love of cooking, or simply your love of food,” – Anna Bouphavichith, “Yama Mama”