Lemon Cream Sauce

Creamy and sweet mirin seasoning with fresh citrus flavors.

Made simply with mayonnaise, mirin wine, sesame oil, and infused with fresh citrus flavors, this creamy and sweet sauce is perfect for dressings and marinades. One of Yama Mama’s signature sauces, Lemon Cream is used in the mouthwatering Yama Lobster Bomb and Spicy Tuna Yama Mama Bites. Mama Yama has even used it in desserts!


Specialty Sauce

Zesty soy flavoring for marinade, rice, and stir-fry.

Using Yama Mama Specialty Sauce is like coming home for the holidays. A delicate blend of black pepper, sugar, and soy sauce makes this zesty flavoring perfect for rice and stir-fry dishes. Yama Mama loves the aroma this sauce leaves lingering in the air – like a perfect welcome home!


Pad Thai

Exotic and bold flavoring for noodles and stir-fry dishes.

Exotic and bold, this Pad Thai flavoring is perfect for noodles and stir-fry dishes. Made with fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, water, and Yama Mama’s love, the Pad Thai sauce is used in countless specials and signature Yama dishes. Think of this sauce as your ticket to expand your horizons on traditional Thai recipes!